I recently made a 16x20 of this Drogo bodied 330 ( http://www.coachbuild.com/index.php?...g2_itemId=9256 ) for the folks that are restoring it back to original. They wanted the print big to analyze the detail of the bodywork and trim. In fact it was this same picture...HELP...internet police...someone stole my picture! Seriously, though, that which you see on the screen is a low resolution scan (through the negative preserver!) and is, of course, intended to be downloaded to every computer that happens upon the site. That is why I posted it to one of the automobile forums a few years ago; so people can see the car. Whereas the print I sold to the folks was composed of silver and paper fibers and you hold it in your hands. It is a totally different thing.

The print was grainy, but had fantastic resolution. The taking lens was a 50mm Fujinon and the enlarging lens was a 45mm HM-Apo-Componon-S which I obtained just for the instance of making 16x20s from 35mm.