Hi all,

Yes, the old saying is true - your first LF camera is the wrong one. And so while I've had lots of fun with this, I must part to make more room in the gear bag.

1959 Crown Graphic Graflex with 135/4.7 Schneider Xenar

This is in really good condition, only missing the battery cover -- and yes, I have repaired this, the light now works on the rangefinder (although does not seem to do much for me, maybe the LED needs aligning?)

- I'm throwing in a beat up, but still 100% light tight double film holder and a Hoya yellow filter.
- Rangefinder works and seems to be aligned - never had an issue with it. It has had the beamsplitter replaced, so is much clearer than when I got it.
- Shutter works at all speeds - but not tested. My shots always worked out, so at least 500 through to 1/30ish is working fine.
- The leather handle is fine, but wearing a bit thin in parts; never worried when hand holding it though.

Works well handheld. The ground glass is not the best, but with the sun visor it is quite usable.

Looking to sell locally (Melbourne Australia) for $350.

Graflex - 7.jpg

Graflex - 6.jpg

Graflex - 8.jpg

Graflex - 1.jpg

Graflex - 4.jpg