I use a Cambo Wide camera (not the current model but the previous model with the black plastic hand grip on the left) with 65, 90 and 120mm multicoated lenses. You can mount a (modern type) Linhof viewfinder or one of the Chinese viewfinders offered on ebay. It can use 4x5 film or roll film backs. The quality of this system is excellent and I have yet to make an unsharp photo due to less tight manufacturing tolerances compared to Alpa. I use 4x5 film holders, a Linhof 6x9 roll film back bought used and a Chinese 6x12 back. Since I am completely satisfied with this system, I can recommend it to anyone.

Several images made with this camera can be found in the landscape section (both b&w and colour) on my website: www.frankbunnik.zenfolio.com

Good luck with your choice, Frank