Kimber Kable BiFocal XL Speaker Cables

Comprised of hundreds of components per pair of cables, the TriFocal-XL is formatted in a seven layer, poly-concentric geometry. This is one of the most sophisticated loudspeaker cables ever designed. Termination alone takes a full eight hours to complete a single matched pair. A production run of 250 feet (76 meters) of this cable takes over 50 hours of machine time. TriFocal-XL will allow the most intimate union possible between triwired loudspeakers and an amplifier.
Prices start at $1810.00

A lot of live concerts can be heard for that sum.

I remember when at Uni an audiophile got into an argument with a guy at the Student Union during a performance. The audiophile was making the fervent case to a disinterested stand-up bass player that his audio system sounded better than the fellow's live music bass playing!

When the bass player turned away from the audiophile passion, the latter grabbed the bassist and started hitting him, causing a general melee of band members versus. after their break, the band later took the stage to a rousing cheer.

The band, as I recall, was very good, with or without beer, microphones, tubes, or digital processors.

Funny that.