Setup of a $70k turntable, in case you have an afternoon to study it:
Walker Proscenium Turntable

Here's a pretty good pre/power amplifier combo for speakers with medium impedance ($14k / $140k):
Atmasphere MP-1 Pre-Amplifier
Atmasphere MA-3 Power Amplifier

And here are a pair of speakers that would fit that amplifier pretty well:
Von Schweikert - Click on Products, VR Series, and find the VR-11SE
You'd have to divorce the better part of $165k to own a pair of these.

I have friends that are obsessed with this stuff, and I just like music. I personally think they're insane, and whatever 'problem' I have with spending a bit too much time fiddling around with films and silver gelatin paper, I feel pretty damned healthy by comparison.