Just wondered if anyone's done this before and if so how ?

I asked in the past and was told there was no way the standard could fit the rails then discovered my spare Pacemaker standard that I'd bought to customise to give swing would fit my Super Graphic. However it doesn't work the other way around . . . . . . . . or it didn't/

A few days ago I recieved some Super Graphic spare parts to finish restoring the camera inc a front standard, I'm left with enough to modify to fit the Pacemakers

The good news is a Super Graphic standard will fit a Pacemaker and probably an Anniversary Graphic with some slight modification, and these are much easier than modifying a Pacemaker standard to get movements. All you need to do is grind away the underside of the base plate on the sandard untit it fits, this is the plate that slots into the rails.

So I now have a fully functional Super Graphic front standard that fits my Pacemakers which will allow full movements. The dilemma is now whether to use the Super Graphic lens board frame (sits in the standard) which is missing the sliders (one already missing the other cannibalised to fix my Super Graphic) and fudge a bellows attachment or to modify the Super Graphic standar to take the existing lens board frame from a Pacemaker. If I use the Super Graphic parts I've no sliders to attach the lens so thats an issue as well.

Any thoughts ?