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I have a set of AR 4s that my father purchased new about 1968. I found an AR amplifier, working, at a lawnsale for $3. What I listen to is a pair of Canton Karat 100s, a homebrew subwoofer, an extensively modified Soundcraftsman amp. Various signal sources fed to the amp through an old Dynaco pre amp.
Interesting. My setup is an old Scott 299B tube (valve) amp from 1961, a pair of Snell EIII speakers, and a Sony SCD-333 SACD player. It sounds good enough for me without breaking the bank, I even got the amp for free. I really get into the music and can listen for hours just enjoying the tunes. (I really wish I still had my Linn turntable, but had to sell it in a financial hardship).

It's too easy to obsess over individual pieces of equipment, regardless what our interests are. I've been to many homes of audiophiles, and while their systems sound great, their record collection leave a lot to be desired. Sometimes I bring music that I really love, but is poorly recorded... It's amazing how bad those recordings sound in these big buck systems... I admit to being a bit sneaky like that, but I can't help myself. Icelandic artist Johann Johannsson, for example, released a spectacularly beautiful album called 'Fordlandia'. It's basically about Henry Ford's utopian society, and if you're not moved by the music you must be pretty numb inside. It's just gorgeous music. To watch how they're torn between the beauty of the music, and just how flat and poor the recording is, is majestically funny. Or, if I want to listen to reggae on their big Martin Logan electrostatic speakers, and the whole system falls on its face, because it doesn't rock or boogie... Or how about some Ramones?