Hi Brad, no unfortunately the uprights are slightly wider on the Super Graphic and the pivot point for tilt is fixed, the rise/fall is part of the lens panel holder, while the Pacemaker pivot point is also fixed the lens panel holder slides up & down the front standard, so too different. Really needs photos to illustrate the differances and when I've finally finished I'll write something about it all.

I was constantly frustrated by the lack of movements on my Crown Graphic which I mainly used hand held and switching to a Super Graphic made a huge differance. It's not so much the front tilt rather the lack of movements when the cameras used in portrait mode. My main 5x4 camera is a Wista 45DX but it's not hand holdable so when out shooting in Turkey & Greece it was acase of either or in the back pack which isn't ideal.

So the idea it to make a Pacemaker almost as versatile as the Super Graphic if possible without compromising the original camera, I don't need a rangefinder or optical viewfinder. I could end up making a new casing and adding a rotating back, so I'd need to make slightly larger bellows as well.