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Unfortunately bits don't swap
are you sure?
not even with lots and lots of gaffer tape?
where's your Mcgyver spirit

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The why, I spend time on two continents and LF gear is bulky & heavy and then there's flight weight restrictions (so I keep a set up in Turkey and another in the UK) plus I have a spare camera and parts. Plus it's a challenge
all very valid reason, but still poor form to be bragging about having 2 and wanting to make 1 even better...

So, what exactly is the problem tho'. you say that you need to fit one lens board holder or the other - the one having one slider and the other having no slider and on top of this the bellows fitting?

Surely it has to be easier to modify the bellows connection and run the super board holder... how do they connect to each other? any chance of having some shots uploaded. it's very hard to imagine all this