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So I now have a fully functional Super Graphic front standard that fits my Pacemakers which will allow full movements. The dilemma is now whether to use the Super Graphic lens board frame (sits in the standard) which is missing the sliders (one already missing the other cannibalised to fix my Super Graphic) and fudge a bellows attachment or to modify the Super Graphic standar to take the existing lens board frame from a Pacemaker. If I use the Super Graphic parts I've no sliders to attach the lens so thats an issue as well.

Any thoughts ?

Right. So I missed this part on my first reading. It has been a while since I took one apart, and I do not have the parts here with me at present but from memory, the Pacemaker front end has two major pieces that ride in the uprights of the front standard. First off, I'd be very strongly inclined to stay with the pacemaker parts here. The black part that attaches to the bellows especially. The brushed aluminum part that kind engulfs the black part...well,I'd be very inclined to keep that too....

(takes a moment to look at some photos of Super Graphics on eBay)

Ok...so, I see your dilema...the super uprights do not have the slots for front rise...or at least they're not obvious from the photos...and the pacemaker has studs sticking out that want to ride up and down in those slots...is that it? Does the super even have front rise?

I think I would find a way to fasten the pacemaker bellows attachment and lens board "housing" to the uprights of the super's front standard...

Or maybe chuck the whole thing and work out a way to hand-hold the wista?