reply to BrianL

Very good points. I'm a senior in highschool, so I've got the good fortune to not have any monetary responsibilities. I work weekends purely to support my photography, so any money I spend is going to be spent on this or other photographic interests.

That being said, I really do see your point. The reason I want a TLR is because I want to figure out what works for me and what doesn't; I haven't had the experience with all different cameras or systems, so I don't know what would best fit the way I make and process photographs. I'm currently trying out different films, setting up a darkroom at school, and preparing to create my own prints.

Granted, I have a bit of gear junkie in me. The look and style of TLRs is incredibly cool, if only as a conversation piece, and I understand that's part of the reason I want it (and maybe not the best reason). The 6x6 format also intrigues me. If I could somehow borrow a C330 for a week or two, I would jump on the opportunity. At worst I'll buy it, not like it and sell it for the same or a slight loss.

The fatherly advice is still greatly appreciated. I may consider instead spending the money on film and enlarger parts (I need a 6x4.5 neg carrier and a 75mm lens if I'm going to make prints from the M645).