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I've heard great sound from Quad ESL-63's, so I'd expect nothing less from the CLS's! BTW, the 63's were driven by a whopping 25 wpc amp! But I'll also admit that they don't go to ear-bleed volume!
The CLSs are really awesome speakers. With acoustic music, small jazz ensembles, chamber music, vocal music, etc they are so very sweet to listen to. I heard some early 60's Paul Desmond, Miles Davis, and Johnny Hodges on a pair, via Audio Research and a Wavelength DAC, and I was thoroughly impressed. But, they frustrate the $hit out of me when it comes to rhythm driven music that has real energy, because I just don't think they can deliver a punch. Nowhere near a pair of Von Schweikert, Vandersteen, or even a pair of old Vortex Screens or Snell E.
The CLSs are amazing speakers, an engineering feat of massive proportions and do some things better than almost anything I have ever heard. Their treble comes to mind especially. It is so sweet, stretched out, and gives truly fantastic imaging. But they are not everybody's taste, and even if I could afford them, or fit them in my house and do them justice, I would never want to own them, and it is because I think they fall flat on their nose with high energy, rhythm driven music.

You might find them to be the best thing since sliced bread and disagree with me profoundly, it certainly wouldn't be the first time somebody does Just don't be surprised if you in fact are disappointed...

But, enough of that. Sorry for the digression.