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Hi all,
I recently got a nice used nikon f3 with a 50mm lens. (I'm woefully underinformed about lenses, as you may realize as you read this.) Anyway, it was suggested to me to find zoom lens with a built-in macro. In particular, I've been offered a used Vivitar nikon-mount used lens 70-200 mm with macro for $85 from a reliable local repair shop.
--does this sort of lens configuration make sense as an add-on to this camera--add telescopic plus close-up capability to the standard lens.
--are nikon lenses significantly better than the competition?
--where would I go looking for an equivalent nikon lens, if I decided on finding one?
I would second (or third!) the advice regarding Vivitar Series 1. I would add that if it is not a Series 1, it is kind of high. Check out KEH, http://www.keh.com, to see what they offer. They have great prices and I have always been happy with their service. They currently have Nikon zooms in that range for a similar price. Just make sure you get the AI version for your F3. They also have a Vivitar Series 1 70-210 for about $50 and a non Series 1 80-200 for $15!

Good luck!