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Brad has spotted the problems. My spare Super Graphic front standard has issues because the frame is missing the sliders to hold the lens board inplace so ideally I'd prefer to use the existing Pacemaker frame because that would allow me to use the modified standard on a different Pacemaker as well if I wanted.

So the plan is to make new aluminium guides for the Super Graphic standard or modify the existing ones by using some aluminium srtips. Photos later today.

to do it that way I think that's the only option you'd have. But to be honest I'd be more inclined of finding a way of fitting the bellows straight on to the super standard.

And looking at the pictures, what sort of difference in width is there between the 2? because it seems like the pacemaker board will be a lot narrower than the super's sliders.

One question too, is there any reason you can't just take the rotating base plate off the super and mount it to the pacmaker's with some sort of adapter for any size difference there may be?