I appreciate both.

With a focal plane shutter, like in a speed graphic, you have to fully rewind it to view the groundglass. (and remember to cock it if you are going to shoot a second shot, otherwise, it will still work, but just at the next slowest speed). That and the lack of strobe sync is my only fault with focal plane big shutters. Sometimes, if you want 1/10-1/1000 sec range on a barrel lens, there is no substitute. (Sinar's optional shutter comes close for small lenses)

Leaf shutters give x-sync if sufficiently modern. are quieter (nice in tlrs, rangefinders), smaller. However the downside is their accuracy can vary from lens to lens depending on their CLA status. You also have to walk around front of the LF camera to see the settings and to verify open/closed. The leaf shutters for monster lenses are crude (like the wollensak studio shutters) or lack flexible timing options (packard).