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if you find out that you have to dispose of your fixer, and you want to take some of the silver out of it first, feel free to contact me
i sell silver recovery systems that are inexpensive, and efficient.
Regardless of the regulations in your area, get the SilverMagnet anyway.
Out of my last two gallons of spent fixer, I extracted almost an ounce of silver. That's a bit over $30 worth. I'll probably generate that much more by the time summer rolls around. By this time next year, I'll end up with that much again. If I keep going at this rate, that'll be almost $100 a year. That's enough to buy a brick of film. You can't beat that with a stick!

BTW: Even after I extract the silver, I'm still going to take my spent fixer to Haz-Mat Collection Day when it comes around again.