So I've just re-opened my school's old darkroom. Pretty much everything has gone over without a hitch, thankfully. Today, I mixed my chemicals for the first time. Stop and fixer went over fine, a little spilled but I'll get used to it. When I mixed the dektol, I put 3 liters of water (room temp; I didn't realize it was supposed to be hot) in a bucket, then poured in the powder, stirring gently all the while. When I had poured all of it in, there were still little white flakes floating in the solution. I poured in the extra .8 liter of water, hot, but it still did not dissolve. I've poured it into the container and left it for today.

Will this affect the prints in a major way, and if so, is there anything I can do to fix it without buying more Dektol?