In high school; a great time to learn composition, exposure and explore what you really thrill at for subject matter. At that stage of my life, I had the use of my folks Argus 620 TLR and for a short period a Argus C3 before moving to a Kodak 135 Pony. The viewfinder of the Argus TLR was so dim that I made a crude sportsfinder for it; the C3 and Kodak were "real cameras" at the time. I think I paid less than $5 each and the C3 included 2 aux lenses. However, I had no money for a light meter and had not choice but to learn light and honed may photographic skills on these which have formed the basis of how and what I shoot today. Yes, I've come a long way but used the C3 and Pony with only a couple of other oldies from pre-WWII through undergrad school, a marriage and divorce and through law school that I attended a bit later in life; a timespan of 20 years with the same cameras before spurging and that is when I went nuts while losing focus on the photography and concentrating on the gear. I sadly got rid of the C3 and Pony but had I known then what I know now, they'd still be my only cameras along with a great little Zeiss Ikonta that I did keep. As for meters, GE PR-1 was finally picked up and a couple of Weston Master IIs. Only replaced b/c the cells in the Westioins died and I gave the GE to a close and dear friend after he tried it and liked it better than the Nikon F meter. I still use a pair of old meters today, a Weston Ranger and Metrastar and though I've tried others and newer, my oldies do as well.

So, you are way ahead of me in the gear category at your age.