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I am not saying contrast control isn't necessary, or any of the other controls you mention. I am saying, for me, if I am using contrast control, I sometimes find that fine tuning this can sometimes be a distraction, when the solution I am looking for is fine tuning exposure.

In that case, yes it is. You change one and the other has to be done all over again. What you are looking for is a split printing technique where you lay down the highlight, then shadow. Our own Ralph has a chapter in his book "Way Beyond Monochrome II".

I do not use this method in my own darkroom.

Doing it the old fashion way, you do get a feel for it though. You will be able to say, "if it look like this #2 at 10 seconds, let's try #2.5 at 9 seconds and see...." and get it pretty much right.