I continue with film and darkroom for black and white because I prefer it and I am good at it. It is not a value judgement of A is better than B, but a cost benefit analysis of using the tools I already have, and 40 years of practice and experience to continue doing what I know; versus starting over learning digital printing, and acquiring the myriad of gear and software to do it. I'm 60. This is just a hobby and life's too short as it is.

Now, if I was a color printer, then I think the boat has sailed and I would be into digital printing at the very least. As it is, any color I do shoot is of the "vacation/snapshot" variety, and I think my dslr has now permanently replaced the slrs. I'm not getting rid of them yet, but I can't foresee another role of 35mm color film in my future.

As for the focus of APUG, I, like many others, came here years ago because it was the one place we could discuss our old hobby without being told we were doing it wrong. Alas, it has attracted a few zealots on both sides. This is not a new problem for the site, and apparently it's not going away.