You are probably talking about Metro, my lab has been doing this process, even before the Ilford Harmon paper was introduced, I used Agfa Classic back in 2011.

These prints are identical in every way, except the image is exposed by a laser light beam, not a halogen light beam.

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Perhaps only two things matter: does the print resonate with you the creator, and does it resonate with a viewer.

As a creator, I find that sometimes an analogue print works best for me, but sometimes it's a digital print. I love platinum prints, but I'm not really fussed if I make them from film negatives or digital negatives - so long as the entire process from light to paper feels right for that picture. My local lab uses Ilford RC and FB silver gelatin paper to make wet chemistry prints from digital master files - and I have to say that I'm blown away by the quality of what they can produce.

As a collector, until recently I've only bought analogue prints because I haven't found digital prints that resonate with me. But I bought my first inkjet print a few days ago (a copy of a contact sheet from 6x6 negatives), and will probably buy more in the future.

So in my view it's not a question of either/or. It's a question of which works best for a particular project or picture.