I was in an exhibit once where the curator liked to mix extremes, so he selected a bunch of my big
Cibachromes and then put another guy in the exhibit who was also jeweler, but did photog on the
side and was skilled at 35mm contact prints. He attached a little gooseneck magnifier to the top of each picture frame. But a lot of this mega photography going on at the moment seems a great deal
like certain subject matter and treatment in the 70's, just printed way bigger. Then you've got guys
like Gursky who alter the images in Fauxtoshop. But sheer size doesn't really impress me. I like making
30X40 or so just because it brings out all the fine detail one wouldn't notice in a smaller print. But
size just for size seems a ploy, esp at some of the obscene prices being paid for C prints which are
going to differentially fade.