I have been in your situation a couple of years ago.

After a while I figured out that all I am required to do is to enjoy myself, and in order to do so I had to start focusing on what's really important to me - making prints, and focusing my efforts in all preceding steps on precisely that.
In order to accomplish that I had to clean up what I was doing - strongly limit the use of lots of different cameras, lenses, films, papers, and developers. In order to get any sort of consistently good output that's what I had to do. I have a few cameras, but mainly focus my efforts with two cameras, one film, two papers, and one developer for each category. It helps me to eliminate those items as variable, so that I can focus on subject matter, framing, and lighting.

And, eyesight failing should make all your prints look better!

You should figure out what it is about photography that you're trying to achieve, and what about it is that you enjoy. Then focus on accomplishing that and remove all obstacles to getting there. Keep your mind clear, and your thoughts pure, and be somewhat ruthless about it. Sounds like you need to shake up what you're doing.

I hope you get it figured out, and please don't throw in the towel.