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Having survived several gigantic forest fires myself, and having fought others, I'd say a lot of those draconian rules are essential if you care for your life or property at all. When I started high school two-thirds of my first year clasemates were homeless due to a 600,000 acre fire. California brush is engineered to burn and then repropagate. It's just not engineered for mindless suburban sprawl or idiots throwing ciggies out the car window. There's a reason Smokey the Bear has held his job for so long. Same here in the city. We get disastrous fires from illegal solvent storage, illegal fireworks mfg., illegal old wiring, unvented clothes dryers etc. Over the last thirty years I've seen several entire mfg building outright
explode due to solvent abuse. One such explosion shattered windows clear at the other end of the Bay, fifty miles away. Originally all that chem
storage was in big tanks quite aways from town, but again, dumb urban
encroachment, right where residences and schools have no common sense
And all of the above are state, county, and local problems, and should be regulated as such. No argument from me there!