Raised standards will be part of the issue. For about a year now I have been scanning all my negatives from the time I got my first Olympus Trip camera in 1979 and I have just reached 1984. Man, was I a terrible photographer then! Obvious things like direction and quality of light, clarity of composition, appreciation of background and depth of field, vertical and horizontal tangents etc etc didn't seem very apparent to me then. I probably wouldn't press the shutter on most of the photos from that time but think of all the memories not captured and learning not achieved! Keep shooting, and don't be too tough on yourself.

On the other hand, I often think of one of my favourite quotes about photography by Robert Adams. "People photograph to keep in tact an affection for life". I find my photography is going well when all other things in my life are going pretty well and vice versa. Is it the photography which is causing some of the loss of affection or other things? If it's the photography that's causing some of the misery then worth dropping it for a while and find some affection for life in other ways. You might find that you really do "need" to keep photographing after all.