I would like to share an experience I had some time ago, which others may also recognise. I spent a day wondering around a very interesting location to do street photography or other shots that may yield interesting compositions. Because I was there all day, at one point I took a break to go into a little park, sit down on a bench and relax. The view in front of me was quite boring and held no interesting compositional possibilities. After about half an hour a woman and two children, boy and girl appeared. The children started to pick dandelions and bits of grass from steps just in front of me, throwing their arms around and having fun. For a fraction of a second, a beautiful composition appeared in front of me. I did not photograph this out of respect for the individuals and the fact that these days if you photograph children you’re thought of as a pervert. However, what I found interesting is the fact that although I photographed nothing of interest that day, the most interesting composition that appeared, was in a very uninteresting area and when I was totally relaxed. Can others relate a similar experience?