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Let me enlighten you. At HCB's last exhibition in London before his death, in an interview with the BBC, he produced a piece of paper and read this out. What better epitaph can a photographer of his stature leave to the world. This is why I thought it worthy of perpetuating the message.
Yes, I know the quote and totally agree with it and am grateful for your reminding us of it - The point I was trying to make is that your question is answered by the Bacon quote - One of the factors influencing my early photography in 1970 was a poem by Kenneth White about Sesshu Toyo

"After years in China
Emptyness achieved
He painted with the fewest of strokes
The hardness of rocks
The twistedness of roots"

I do not do street photography, but understand the problems children being present in street photographs these days - It is not enough to make the picture, if one wishes to show or use it, and there is no point doing it unless one does, one needs to get permission from the parent before exhibition - I don't suppose HCB could work in his way these days and I remember Rob't Doisneau (I can't remember the spelling) being sued for an image he made just after WWII of a couple kissing on a Paris railway station

Even working formally with my 10x8" Naked Portrait series I am having difficulty with people unable to separate porn and portraiture in their minds