You're missing my point, but you are free to disagree.
I enjoy printing in the darkroom, but detest processing film. I hate it with a passion. But I still do it, and do it well, because I care about the prints. It's the resulting print we can hold in our hands, and covet or share with others. It's the culmination of all your/our efforts.

Please explain what you say 'argument for digital'. I don't know of very many digital photography artists who don't spend hours and days in front of Lightroom or Photoshop, making decisions about, and post processing their work. How is that different from darkroom work, and its processes?
I personally see more similarities than differences.

- Thomas

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I can't agree. Process is a process, much more than a mere tool. You do
realize that yours is THE argument of digital? I think Knowledgeable
people know and appreciate the difference between riding their bike and
driving their Hummer even if they end up at the same place at the same
time. Knowledgeable people know and appreciate the difference
between home grown and factory farmed meat, eggs or vegetables, even if
they look and taste similar. Process matters.