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...Today I checked the listings for "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," one feature we do intend to view early next week...Its manager responded that projection was 100% film. I thanked her, then asked that she let the owners know this answer was a good one and the reason I'd be going to their establishment rather than the competition's. She sounded pleased and committed to pass my input along.
We just returned home from the theater. Ads and other "stuff" shown to early arrivers were digital. The feature (and a few feature previews before it) were film. To reinforce the message, moments ago I sent that theater chain's management a "contact us" message, via its Web site, saying the only reason we went there was their film projection. I added that one might as well stay home and watch a disc when theaters project features digitally. My conclusion was: "As long as you project film, we will keep coming to your theater. Switch to digital and we're done."