I was walking to the downtown area of my home town one bright October day. I was using a very ordinary route along a main street to downtown and did not expect anything unusual. Then I heard a commotion to my right and looked up. There were several police motorcycles and an open convertible coming my way. In it was JFK!! Yes. Himself. There was no one on the street so I was the sole pedestrian and I waved. He looked over and waved back. I knew he was visiting Pittsburgh, but didn't know the route. No camera, nothing!

I continued my walk only to catch up with the motorcade at city hall. I listened to the speech for a few minutes.... Boring! Then I went shopping. The city was deserted as everyone was at the speech. I didn't even bother to go home to get my camera. Too long of a walk.

But, in retrospect, what an opportunity. A statue stands in that place in front of my hometown city hall. I have no photos but one memory of JFK on a deserted street into town waving at me.