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Haven't had trouibel yet. When they view it as I always 'carry on" they open it and seem amazed at all the stuff I am carrying but none have pulled out the 500mm (yet!!!) but TSA seems to grasp medium format as opposed to 35mm as I always had them look through my Nikon gear in the f64 bag. Can't keep them from touching so I don't even try I just stand there and watch and often politely answer questions. Hasselblad is a important word or is too confusing so they don't damage anything. I don't ever carry a Leica as I would be swallowing my tongue.
Interesting regarding TSA inspection procedures. Not long ago I traveled the east coast via air through major airports and carried a Contax G system and a Speed Graphic kit all in one backpack plus a baggie full of 35 and 4x5 film all in original boxes, including unopened boxes of Instant Fuji with an associated Polaroid back. I also carried a modified Tiltall tripod with a Arca ballhead in a separate Giottos tripod bag. The only thing TSA was interested in was the film. They didn't open anything else or take any steps to hand inspect any of the gear contained in the backpack or tripod bag, it just went through X-ray normally. They hand inspected the film at my request each time and never gave me any trouble. They were extremely co-operative and polite. I did have the film already out of the backpack and inside the clear zip lock bag. All film was removed from the zip lock and checked for explosives. They did a thorough job of examining the films but never mishandled anything. I have nothing but good things to say about my experiences with TSA. However, I do recommend anyone transporting anything photographic in nature to visit the TSA website and follow the guidelines. It will potentially save you grief.