OK, time to start. Only six people from the last round, so it was easy to setup the groups so that nobody meets with the same people from the first round. And here is what I got out of my hat:

Group 1
Barry (Barry S)
Joe (Joe O'Brien)
John (johnnywalker)
Laurent (Laurent)

Group 2
Craig (ccross)
John (JohnMeadows)
Paul (paul_c5x4)
Terry (Terry Christian)

Group 3
Delphine (delphine)
Eugene (Anikin)
Loren (Loren Sattler)
Ruediger (rst)

Please send a PM with your address to the people in your group. And please try to send your prints within the next one or two months. Thanks!

So time to get to your files and look for a negative to print.