I used some "cheap junk" film... Ferrannia Solaris FG Plus 400 from a box that said Lomography 400. It seems to get a lot of trash talk around here but I happen to love it and have filled my freezer with it for about $2/roll thanks to some heavy sale prices before xmas. It doesn't have the same dynamic range as Porta or Fuji Pro but it pumps the colors and contrast up a lot and I've gotten pretty comfortable with how it will behave in various types of cameras. In particular, it does well in cameras with crap lenses which should come as no surprise. I wonder what will end up in Lomo canisters now because Ferrania went out of business back in August.

Here's another... you can really see how amped the yellow is in this shot. I don't think it would have had this same look with a less saturated film. Some E-6 might have been nice here but I don't think I'd run a roll of slide film through a camera with fixed aperture/shutter/focus.

Benson's, Long Beach by eurekaiv, on Flickr