Hopefully this is the right forum to post this thread.

A couple months ago, a guy saw me taking photos with my camera (fully mechanical 35mm SLR) in the city. Long story short, he asked me if I could photograph him for a CD cover. Yesterday he calls me up and asks if I'll be ready at the end of the week. I need some advice and I'm not sure where to ask for it. I've never shot professionally before.

1. Will I need any extra equipment? Lights/strobes? Light meter? (I have a built-in light meter which is fairly accurate, should I get a handheld meter to be certain of my exposures?) We'll be shooting mainly outdoors in a city/downtown type setting. I assume this would be the wrong time to learn to use these, as I've never shot with lights/strobes before.

2. The issue of 'rights'. I'd like to retain the ownership of my photos, and give him distribution rights, if that makes sense. What sort of paperwork should be drawn up? I'll be meeting with the artist to shoot him, can it be signed by him or do I need to get anyone else (like the record company) involved?

3. Price. We basically agreed that I'd give him a fair price because I'm an amateur. I'll also be designing the typography on the album cover. What would be appropriate to ask?

4. Generally, how does this sort of thing work? He didn't seem too knowledgeable on the topic when I spoke to him on the phone.

If you have anything else to add, any advice would be appreciated to ease my nervousness and uncertainty