I divided an 8 X 10 tray into 4 compartments using plastic chain links cut in half and epoxied to the tray. I don't have to "shuffle" that way. I tried that, and as someone said, I don't see how anyone could have the coordination to do that with rubber gloves on. I use 500 ml, diluted 1+1. I'm new at it, but haven't had uneven development (yet). My problem is I'm bored out of my gourd with nothing to do in the dark but agitate the film - so it gets more than it should. Not so bad results so far though.
I was going to use tubes until I found out you can only do one negative at a time. So that would take 4 X longer than now, though I wouldn't have to be in the dark so long.
I think I'll stay with the tray for now, until I can get one of the tank systems.