Is it gold toned? It DOES look great.

16x20 can be expensive to get started. I was set up for nothing larger than 11x14. I kept an eye on the forums and a saved search on eBay for many months before I turned up a 16x20 easel I was willing to pay the price for, considering I have an 11x14 V-Track for most of my prints. I'd like to have a big solid four blade 16x20 or 20x24 but I wasn't willing to pay $200+ for one, in addition to the shipping on such a beast. I finally turned up a NOS Bogen 2 blade for a good price and scarfed that up. Add the price of some trays, a pack or two of paper, it adds up. Some people advocate the under bed plastic storage things for trays but when I priced them, ones large enough to work cost as much as regular photo trays from Freestyle.