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Get a manual for the x-700. It will explain how to use any kind of flash unit. The whole x-series has Through The Lens (TTL) metering with Minolta flashes. Basically, the camera adjusts the exposure for you.

I believe you can get a manual here: http://www.angelfire.com/ca4/shikishima/manual/
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The Minolta X-700 and other cameras in that series will work with TTL light measurement if you also use one of the Minolta Auto Exposure Flash Units, such as the Minolta 360-PX. They have two additional electrical contacts on the ISO flash shoe to communicate that information between the camera and the PX series flash units.

I believe that the small, fairly early, rectangular shaped, simple Minolta electronic flash units powered by 2 AA batteries have only a single Flash Firing Command contact in the center of the ISO flash shoe. The earliest one I have is the Minolta 20. It does not have a round port on the front for a light measuring sensor nor a switch on the back for an "AUTO" mode where the electronic flash unit will monitor the lighting of the scene and shut off the light output when it thinks it has provided enough light to properly expose an 18% reflectance scene. The earliest one I know that I have which will do that is the Minolta AUTO 25. I am not able to find any information on a Minolta 14 electronic flash unit at this time, but if it does not have the word "AUTO" between Minolta and 14, it probably will not do any internal light exposure metering, or light output adjustment. It will be a simple, straight forward small electronic flash unit where you use the Guide Number* (GN) divided by the distance in feet from the flash to determine the f-stop to be set on the lens with the shutter on the "X" sync setting. Yes, a fully manual system.

* We can talk about how to determine the Guide Number.