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PKM-25 comment on the Is Kodak dead thread made me think about starting a thread about how we can promote film use and how Apug could help in promoting film and analogue photography.

1) Showing Kids, young adults and all other people the wonder of film and darkroom
2) Sending in analogue photographic works to all relevant Photomags
3) Pushing for film on professional jobs
4) Buying Film
5) Shooting lots of film
I am open for any suggestions

I am not sure it will matter. The sad part is that the film manufacturing segment of Kodak has been kept going the last several years by the motion picture industry. Now all of the movie houses are insisting on converting as quickly as possible to digital projection for the efficiency and cost savings. It is happening scary fast. Kodak's excess capacity will sky-rocket to the area of 80% or higher within 2 to 3 years. This cannot be maintained and so they will probably try to completely restructure this business and sell it off. The scaled down version of the operation may attempt to keep a couple C-41 films going at higher prices. Not sure how many labs will hang in there - maybe a handful.

= tommy