I'm in the lucky position of having to do the tests that LG has done for articles for magazines whenever new papers appear in the market place. Over the past 15 years I've used most papers available in the UK and obviously do have my favourites.

I was a great fan of Agfa and used Record Rapid and Portriga almost exclusively and then MCC when they produced that about 10 years ago. However, I have found that MCC is prone to fogging, and it is not the fault of my safelights I regularly test them. Forte is also a very nice paper but I have found it to be inconsistent. Consequently, I use Bergger, Ilford Warmtone and Oriental Seagull and have a dwindling supply of Kodak Ektalure, probably my all time favourite paper, and a few boxes of Agfa Record Rapid in the fridge.

As a matter of interest I have just completed a test on Legacy, a new paper produced by Fotospeed, a UK company. It is very nice slightly warm to neutral and not quite so high in contrast as Ilford Warmtone.