Thanks to all who responded - blighty, I have heard that opinion before, I am gald someone chimed in on the subject!

Paul - I definitely will look into that - portability would be a bonus in my current "domestic" situation!

Now, as to the various "printing heads" - there I am totally green. I know that a condenser "gathers" teh light through a big magnifying glass - looking device and then "shoots" it through the neg where as the other kind uses almost like a matt screen to project evenly on the whole negative (more less) but the "cold light" heads and all the terminology is quite foreign to me. Can anyone expand on that, or perhaps point me to a resource (enlargers for dummies - no, wait, that's my email junk mail box..)?

I saw a Omega B22 with two Rodenstok lenses and a variety of neg carriers at a very decent price - is that a decent piece? It looks tiny compared to most... (the head part)...

Thanks again for all your help