So I have my own darkroom again, pretty stoked about that to say the least. I am having a couple of issues that need resolving:

1. I am missing the bellows / film format scale on the right side of the upper bellows. I can easily make a new one out of scrap aluminum but need the specs of the piece, correct distances measured out, anyone want to take a ruler to theirs and post the measurements?

2. I am using an Aristo Cold Light Head, my exposure times for Multigrade are super short, 2-4 seconds on a good negative at F/8 with my 90mm F/4 Apo-Rodagon, 120 film. I need to get the times up to 10-20 seconds to be able to work correctly, any ideas for trouble shooting?

3. I have a glass carrier, tried it out last night with a super curly 120 neg of Rollei ATP 1.1. I put the darn neg in upside down and got distinct and numerous newton this a carrier thing or an upside down neg thing?

Other than that, the prints look awesome, love that 90 Apo!