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I am missing the bellows / film format scale on the right side of the upper bellows. I can easily make a new one out of scrap aluminum but need the specs of the piece, correct distances measured out, anyone want to take a ruler to theirs and post the measurements?
(From an earlier thread) Here are the indicator mark measurements for the different size negatives, all from the LOWER of the two screw holes:

4 x 5--one inch up
3 /14 x 4 1/4--2 3/16" up
2 1/4 x 3 1/4--3 1/4 " up
2 1/4 x 2 1/4--4 1/4" up
35mm--5 3/4" up.

Keep in mind that the precision required here is not very great. Actually, you can enlarge all the smaller sized negatives with the head set at 4 x 5, although that doesn't make greatest use of the enlarger's light intensity. If in doubt, just fudge a bit on the side of a bigger negative.

FWIW, I just bought one of these indicators on e bay fairly cheap because the seller had it listed as an Omega part and I just stumbled across it.

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However if you are using a cold light head it is a moot point. You are supposed to keep the top bellows collapsed.