I hate to say it, but eBay is a great tool - even if you do not buy, you will see what the items are really worth to people who know (adjust for the occasional abnormality in price for either a great deal or someone who "just had to have it"). Now, I don't know how relevant this is, being a Canon story, but here goes:
I bought a camera, a very decent 50mm lense and a Canon 70-200 zoom with "macro" focus (note the parenthesis - you DO NOT have a true macro lense there, its just a bit of a convenient misnomer) for $100 CDN(+/_ $75 US). Now, the camerais irrelevant here, but the package is not - the Canon lense I got was very sharp and I doubt gave anything away to the Vivitar (and prices seem to confirm this...) So, I would keep looking - while $85 is not a rip-off, its not exactly a great deal. And as good as the Vivitars are said to be, I doubt the Nikon optics will not be better.
I have to say that a 70-200mm lense is great to have - its really an all rounder and I have got good use out of mine (until I traded it to a unsuspecting pawn shop owner for a 80-200 "L" lense, but I digress ). However, if prices are at all compareable, a Vivitar is just not worth the money - $85 will get you a consumer level lense by the manufacturer of your camera if you look hard enough. The Nikon optics are considered by many to be the best in the world, and almost everyone agrees that if not "the best", they are certainly outstanding. I would invest in them even if it meant paying a bit more (and I am a Canon guy..hehehehe). And that 50mm lense will be your best friend anyway! Cheers.

PS. The F3 is a great purchase - its already a classic because simply, few cameras out there are any better - its a gem! You will love the 100% view finder too! I will someday have one fo my own, when money no longer dictates that I shouldonly have one "system" of lenses!