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Congratulations! I love reading about people's photographic journeys. So what did you learn about yourself and about photography and what are you going to do with all those photos? An exhibition, a book, a magazine article?
What did I learn about myself? I get sidetracked easily haha. When I started this project i had planned out different themes and ideas incase I ever got stuck. For instance in the Portland, OR area there are 7 independent photo stores. I was going to shoot one every day for a week to showcase them... I never did it. I also intended on keeping with other mini-sets that were a part of the project. In Febuary I spent a few days shooting nothing but old trucks. I would have loved to do more but got sidetracked again. What I learned most of all though was that it didn't matter if I went into the day with and idea of what I wanted to shoot. Because more often than not I would experience something that day that spoke more about me and about the photographic diary that this project was.

What to do with them? I've been working on a book, but it is taking much longer than I had anticipated. Should be ready in the next few weeks though, it is a collection of what I feel to be the best images from the project. 161 total. No exhibition, if I could get a magazine article that would be sweet but it's doubtful. Especially now that a month has passed.