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So now that you have an intimate feel of the impossible project's replacements, how do they compare?
Compare to what? Polaroid film? It is certainly a different beast. But their latest films (including the PX70 test film they just launched) are getting very close to what Polaroid had produced. Adam Carolla has a theory he likes to use that applies well here.

Think of an X, with Polaroid at the top left, Impossible Project at the bottom left and as we progress in time things move to the right. As well all know, when Impossibles first film was released (bottom left) it was pretty much crap. And yet the latest Polaroid film that was made was still very good (top left) but as we move through the years, Impossibles film got better, and the remaining Polaroid film got worse. I think right now we are where the two intercept. From here on out Impossibles film will look better than even the freshest stuff from Polaroid you can find.