Good for them.

Due to the power of images, banning manipulation for news is, and should be sacrosanct.

However for pictures of birds and "pretty pictures" the crime is far less egregious. But he knew the rules.

Historically "news" pictures have been manipulated in the past in many forms, often in the case of Weegee during the taking of them, for dramatic impact.

For a photojournalist, I can definitely understand the desire to pump up, remove distractions, or introduce more impact by manipulating photographs without changing the intent, or truthfulness of the photograph. Cropping, and burning and dodging has been used since day one for this purpose, but now with photoshop it's so easy to manipulate an image that every photographer often takes shots with this in mind from the outset.

That's what makes photojournalism, such a specific form of photography. It has to take on a form of truth.