I'd been a forester in British Columbia and overseas for 42 years, and in all that time I'd never seen a big cat. Not even a Bobcat or Lynx, let alone a cougar. A couple of years ago I was driving (very slowly) down a narrow logging road cut through the jungles of Guyana, came around a corner just as a jaguar walked out of the forest onto the road, not 30 metres in front of us. My driver and the jaguar both stopped. The cat stared at us for a minute or two then walked slowly into the jungle. I just sat there with my mouth open. A few minutes later, I realized I had my F100 with a 70-300 lens on it in my lap, and thought to myself, you silly ass, why didn't you take a picture. On further reflection I realized that my memory of the moment was much better than a picture. It was a magnificent creature, and I'll never forget the moment.