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I had a situation very recently where a reflection was removed from one of my photos in a publication. I was kind of shocked, especially because the reflection was a relevant issue to this shot. I didn't speak up because it was not a news publication and I knew that it was the first issue for the new picture editor. I was surprised and a bit upset, but just didn't think the particular situation warranted risking someone's job.

I was very impressed when the editor called later to let me know that they'd gotten wind of it and had gone back and tracked the file from the time they got it to the time it was sent to the printer - the reflection was still there. It turns out someone at the printing house thought they'd do a favor and remove the distracting reflection. I was stunned (and they were too) that someone at the printer would take on an editorial function and not even mention it. To me it really emphasized the degree to which most of the population thinks that manipulating images is perfectly fine.

As Alan said, that is why newspapers have such strict rules.
Wait though - do you *really* think the printer would do this?