I had been stationed in Hawaii while in the Navy and had done just about every conceivable "touristy" thing that could be done and all with a Canon AE-1 and a 50/1.8. One day I was on duty as back up OOD and so I had time on my hands but had to be available so no trips onto the big island. I had played a few rounds of golf on Fords Island a few days prior and thought that I might go chasing after the wayward balls that I had shagged along the way (never said I was good or Austin Powers). After awhile I came upon this massive, hulking, rusting, twisted pile of what I thought was scrap so I proceeded to climb all over it only to come to the startling realization that I was standing on what had at one time been everything above the water line of the USS Arizona. I never had the opportunity to go back with a camer as I was scheduled to be deployed with my squadron that very week.