My work on the labelling was a bit fun and rather nostalgic.

After hearing all the past grief Lillian (Sly) had with labels I thought better of trying to configure the computer to print them.

My handwriting/printing has never been too legible, so I thought typing might be the best way to not vex letter sorters and letter carriers the world over.

So I did them using a typewriter. I have not used a typewriter in 25 or so years. But I have one at my disposal again.

That was because about two weeks ago, as a part of an auction lot that I bid on and consequently won (mostly for the nice paper cutter that was in it), I ended up with a late model compact electric typewriter. Brother AX-24. Actually it is a bit of a word processor. It is interesting to see what was done to try to stave off the advance of the computer word processors in the late 80's. Of course the user manual to access the fancy features was easily dug up from a quick search of the Web.

Well, you have all seen my typing skills here, so you know I did not think it prudent to fire it up in earnest until I replenished its empty correction tape spool. It turns out, a bit to my surprise, that the parts are easily souced as stock items at my local Office Depot, and not a bad price either.

So this past Saturday morning my two kids hovered around as I fished out some label stock I have had hanging about, and proceeded to type out the addresses. It turns out they had never seen a 'real- as they said it' typewriter in action.

All up I did them in about 20 minutes, which it turns out is a bit faster than me handwriting then, and much neater, when I am the one doing the writing.

After I was done with the machine my kids typed on it sporadically over the balance of the weekend. Then, irony of ironies, last night the oldest one wanted me to hook 'my' scanner up to 'his' computer. He wanted to scan his typewritten text, and then proceed oo post it as an image on his Facebook page. I put him off, but I think the request will be made again.

For Ed and Judith Higham (bluejeh and bluejeh2) I fished up one of my spare round 24 creations in lieu of the r25 images and sent it on to Ed, so as to let them get a bit more diversity in the images.

This morning I gave Delphine a Z over a Y with a Sharpie marker on her label, and then dropped them all in the post box to be picked up with this evenings collections.